Lomandra longifolia 'Breeze' (info) | Dwarf Mat Rush (info)

This page is for informational purposes only, this product is no longer available at our nursery.

Sometimes customers come in to the nursery and ask for a plant that looks beautiful all the time, grows well in the spot they have that has heavy clay and also in a container, and near the lawn and also in a spot that never quite gets watered, oh, and they don't want to have to maintain it at all. Hmm, usually that is about 6 different plants, and no maintenance? But Lomandra 'Breeze' is a perfect plant for many situations! Great for heavy or sandy soils, terrific for salty soils along the coast, great for full sun or partial shade, hardy and evergreen down to 20 degrees or slightly lower, fragrant yellow flowers, beautiful soft grass like foliage, and once planted, you never need to prune it back or do any maintenance. Once established it is very drought tolerant but will also handle average garden water. Native to Australia, this is a terrific new addition to your garden!