Avocado Information Sheet

Name A/B Type Fruit Size Fruit Color Frost Sensitive Below Ripens Description
Bacon B 10-12oz Green 26 Dec-Mar Creamy, buttery fleshed avocado with a mild flavor perfect for salads, slices, or spreading on toast. Medium-thin skin. Medium upright tree.
Carmen Hass A 6-14oz Black 32 Twice Excellent flavor with two distinct crops a year. Medium-thick skin. Medium spreading canopy. Grows best long-term in ground.
Fuerte B 10-12oz Green 28 Nov-Jun Excellent fruit quality. Medium-thin skin.Does not produce well near the coast.
Gwen A larger than 10-12oz Green 32 Spring-Early Fall Small limbed tree naturally grows to about 15 feet but can be kept smaller. Thick green skin turns dull green when fully ripe. Creamy gold-green flesh has nutty, buttery flavor with a small to medium seed. Bears in alternate years.
Holiday A 18-24oz Green 30 Oct-Dec Highly productive tree that are relatively short and tend to weep as they grow. Fruit holds on tree well. Great for in ground or container growing.
Lamb Hass A 10-16oz Black 30 Apr-Nov A precocious, high-yielding, late-season avocado with good quality fruit. Upright, compact growth. Cross between Hass and Gwen.
Little Cado A 8-14oz Green 32 May- Sep AKA Minicado, Wurtz/Wertz Avocado. Great backyard tree 10-15 feet high. Good tasting fruit with medium-thin skin.
Pinkerton A 14-16oz Green 28 Nov-Apr Rich and creamy texture with an irresistible nutty flavor. Heavy, early producer near coast and inland. Medium spreading tree.
Reed A 12-18oz Green 32 Summer-Late Fall This creamy fleshed fruit has an excellent flavor that is rich, bold, and nutty. Medium upright tree. Softball-sized fruit has a deep green rind that is slightly pebbly in texture and easy to peel.
Sir Prize B 10-20oz Black 32 Winter Large Avocado with a small Seed, buttery in texture with a rich nutty flavor. Slower to oxidize than other varieties. Upright tree.
Stewart A 6-10oz Black 20 Late Fall-Early Winter Yellow fleshed fruit, rich and nutty in flavor with a hint of green around the edge where the fruit meets the skin. Spreading, strong tree. Thin skin.
Zutano B 10-12oz Green 26 Nov-Jan Prized for their ability to pollinate our favorite A-Type varieties and still provide a tasty avocado in the off-season with a delicate light flavor. Medium-thin skin