Helichrysum italicum (1 qt)  | Curry Plant (1 qt)

Helichrysum italicum (1 qt) | Curry Plant (1 qt)

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Narrow grey-white leaves on a 2 foot tall evergreen that is very tough and drought tolerant. The leaves smell like curry, but do not give the curry flavor in cooking. A few leaves or flowers can be added to a salad however to give a pleasant fragrance - too much will be bitter. Small yellow flowers in summer are also fragrant of curry and good for drying. Excellent plant for containers, drought tolerant and deer resistant. Native to southern Europe.
Essential oil of H. italicum is used medicinally for many purposes, especially for soreness, arthritis and bruising.
Plant in full sun in well drained soil. An excellent choice for planting with dark purple lavenders like 'Royal Velvet' or 'Grosso'.