Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead' | Munstead English Lavender

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Evergreen. 12 in. Sun.

'Munstead' is a short bushy plant, growing to no more than 18 inches in bloom. The foliage is green-gray, with the overall appearance of the plant being green. Foliage is sweetly aromatic. If kept trimmed, the plant has a lovely, tidy appearance - if not pruned after bloom, it looks a bit open and lax growing. Flowers are short and compact, growing to 1 inch long, on short 6 inch flower spikes. Corollas (flower petals) are mid violet and calyces (buds) are rich violet blue. They are lovely in dried arrangements and wreaths.

'Munstead' is a very early spring bloomer - it can bloom as early as mid April in central California. Like 'Hidcote', it is an excellent choice for cooking, as the flowers are sweeter and the flavor is softer and less medicinal. If fresh or dried flowers are steeped in water or oil they will turn the color of the liquid a soft pink. Used for lavender jelly, the flavor is delicious and the rosy color unexpected!

'Munstead' is a nice selection for containers, as the highly aromatic foliage is desirable even when the plant is not blooming.

'Munstead' was raised by garden designer Gertrude Jekyll at her estate Munstead Woods in Surrey, England. She strongly rated it as a top garden perennial.

Our plants are always grown from cuttings, so you know you will be getting a true Munstead lavender. Plants from seeds are often available, but due to genetic variability plant size, flower size and color and fragrance will vary widely!