Bare Root is in Stock!

February is the heart of bare root season, when we have our very best selection of bare root fruit trees and sleeved berries.  The grey rainy days of winter are much better if we can plant some beautiful fruit trees and know that the future will be filled with some delicious sweet fruit!

Bareroot trees assures that the entire plant is dormant, dug up in the fall and kept in cold warehouses until January, when the trees are shipped to the nurseries and ‘heeled in’ in wood chips or sawdust.  Trees can be planted directly into the ground or into containers while they are still dormant.

Planting bare root has some big advantages.  Bare root plants can put on optimal growth quickly, growing both a strong root system and shoot system quickly.  Also, the best selection is available right now, with everything available!    And price is excellent, as there is minimum amount of additional work, soil, container, fertilizer or water added on to the tree right now.

Bare root trees aren’t difficult to plant.  Keep the roots of your plants covered in moist wood chips or in a black plastic bag out of direct sun until ready to plant.   Try to plant within 48 hours of receiving the bareroot tree.  You can soak the tree roots for several hours before planting.  Dig the planting hole at least as deep as the roots and at least twice the width of the roots.  Mix about 20% compost in with the removed soil.   Mix in an organic starter fertilizer with the soil/compost mix. Form a cone of soil in the center of the planting hole and gently spread the roots.  The cone sits directly under the center of the main trunk, so the tree doesn’t settle.  Position the plant’s height so that the crown (where the root meets the trunk) is at or slightly below the soil surface.  Fill the planting hole with soil/compost mix, gently firming the soil in.  Build a trough in a circle around the tree to hold water. 

Water in the plant slowly after planting.  If there isn’t any rain, you may need to deep water every week, and weekly deep watering is important for the first 3 months, then once every 2 weeks for the next 3 months.  Small trees may not need staking, but larger trees need stakes, and if the trees are in areas with deer or rabbits, protections from browsing will be needed.

There is a lot of information available about growing, pruning, thinning and harvesting fruit trees online.  We especially love our suppliers website,, for great videos and tips on successfully growing fruit trees in your yard